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Fantastic Fourplay – Alien Covenant

Posted on Jun 2, 2017 by in Fantastic Fourplay | 4 comments

Radio Gunk presents Fantastic Fourplay’s take on Alien Covenant, the latest in the Alien franchise. Joining Shawn this time are two of the Radio Gunk forum board regulars Derek and Cary, plus newcomer, none other than the demon spawn himself Brayden. Give it a listen and find out the good and the (mostly) bad of Alien Covenant.

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  1. thanks for the comments. Yes we skipped a bunch of stuff. Its difficult to cover everything and keep it to a certain time frame.
    Perhaps with the next movie in the story you would like to be a co host? We love to hear from everyone.

  2. nice podcast but (perhaps due to time) you seemed to skip over a lot of story points:

    first off i need to get this out the way (whether you like it or not) ..John Denver would officially be termed classical music at the time the movie is set 🙂 therefore he ‘could’ have a following in an ‘eco’ friendly future 😉 ..but i digress.

    Would have liked you to have covered the fact (due to the audience backlash to the Prometheus’ story line) that Ridley Scot SO obviously toned down the more complex themes from Prometheus to make a more ‘pop corn’ action movie (including a movie crossing story arc about David/alien breeder/’engineer’). imho, this felt like Ridley was insulting the audience ..without them knowing (as he was openly unhappy about the Prometheus backlash).

    The fact they avoided the Founder (and david+shaw) backstory line (I’m betting they edited it all out so they can release a special edition version later – watch this space)

    Shaw’s character being treated disrespectfully after all she did in Prometheus AND for David (his actions in this film felt ‘off’ (even considering his *ROBOT MADNESS!!*). Again due to public backlash to ‘Prom’ they messed with they’re original story arcs.

    You could have gone deeper into the flawed characters in the movie. Does Ridley have an issue with science? Is he a ‘man of faith’ or a ‘man of science’?

    there are a number of other points i could mention. However, i will end with THE MOST glaring section of the movie you forgot to talk about ..the Scottish alien! How did you miss talking about that! You know the one, jumped onto the ship when Tennessee was flying it and started headbutting the window over and over. Anyone who has worked in (or been in) a chip shop (or kebab house) in Glasgow when the pubs are closing will know exactly what i mean ..window headbutting creatures everywhere! game over man, GAME OVER!

  3. We are doing our part to make the world a better place

  4. Great show , saved me the $12